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Power Pack 4
Power Pack 4
Power Pack 4
Power Pack 4
Power Pack 4
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Power Pack 4

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Each Power Pack contains:

2 Power Packs of Catnip (2 x 7 individual sealed bags (14 Bags!)

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No gimmicks.


100% organically grown.

Quality, high-potency, freshly harvested plants


Small sealed packages help keep Catnip strength.

     We believe that plant-cat-aromatherapy, (our Catnip), is also a good way to provide a form of enrichment to your purr-ball. We went on a lengthy search to source high-quality, naturally grown plants to entertain your kitty. Indoor kitties may become bored and stressed more easily than those that get to enjoy the great outdoors. For this reason, it’s important to provide your indoor kitty with stimulation such as Catnip.


    Most people know about Catnip. Also known as Cat Mint and Catwort. Catnip is a native plant in southern and eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and parts of China. It is easy to grow. It is a herbaceous plant, that blooms from spring to fall. It produces very small fragrant flowers. Good news, it is also deer resistant.

    Only about two-thirds of cats are drawn to Catnip. Attraction to Catnip is an inherited trait, although kittens 6-months and younger, may not react to Catnip. Cats are attracted by the iridoid called nepetalactone, which also is a mosquito repellent.



    (Benefits vary with each kitty)

    • May help reduce levels of anxiety or stress.
    • Helps enhance your cat’s mood.
    • Can provide an alternative form of enrichment (olfactory stimulation, olfactory = relates to the sense of smell).
    • Helps encourage your cat to play more (great for the Garfields slouched on the couch).
    • May have a sedative effect.
    • The active ingredient has been proven to repel mosquitoes, ticks and mites, cats may have evolved to naturally protect themselves from insects when they are on the hunt, by rolling in the plants and covering their fur in a natural insect repellent!
    • Catnip can help in training, using it as a positive reinforcement tool, that can help when administering medicine or trimming your kitty’s nails.
    • Place in a cat-carrier to help entice cat for transport to vet or new dwelling, may help ease tension.
    • Can help kitty during stressful situations, such as a new cat in the home.
    • Catnip be added to a cat bath should that difficult situation arises. Helping calm your kitty = less splashing and scatching of human’s arms and hands!
    • Make a patty/poultice of catnip for any cat cuts or scratches.

     Catnip Magnified x300


    Use a generous pinch of Catnip.

    Cats behave differently, reactions may last around 5-15 minutes. Wait 1-2 hours before giving more, as the cat will not react after the initial effects. We recommend using only once a day.

    Cats react in different ways, behaviors include: drooling, rolling-around, purring, rubbing their head, big-eyes, friskiness, cute playing followed by a rest period.

    Store in cool, dark container. Packets are small to maintain freshness. Use a clip to keep pack shut tight after opening.