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PINK GIFT BAG (24" x 19")
PINK GIFT BAG (24" x 19")
PINK GIFT BAG (24" x 19")
PINK GIFT BAG (24" x 19")

PINK GIFT BAG (24" x 19")

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Are you sending a Ripple Rug as a gift this holiday season and want to stuff some extra toys inside before giving as a gift?

Spock likes the tree

We have a beautifully designed 24"x 19" Pink Gift Giving Bag so you can skip the wrapping paper. We will ship your bags folded inside your Ripple Rug order so you can pack it yourself when you are ready or if you ordered them separately we will ship them to you for free.

The bags are made in the USA and have a high quality feel.

Spock Inspects the Gift

Each bag has a space to write to a special note so you can add some personal flair if you wish. We recommend using a Marker or Paint Pen for boldness.


Sealing the bag is as simple as folding the flap over and a pull of the white strip.


Our adhesive is very strong, so once it is sealed there is no way to open it without damaging the bag which means no one can peak before its time.

Please make sure to pack everything in before sealing as you only get one chance. Meow


Our custom bags are proudly Made in the USA!